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Shrey Institute of Nursing and Allied Sciences strives to create an environment where students feel comfortable and confident in addressing their grievances and issues. We have designated College Grievance Redressal Cell Members who are easily accessible and approachable for students, faculty, and staff to discuss their concerns. We totally understand the importance of resolving grievances promptly. 

Roles and functions:

The CGRC shall exercise the following role and perform the following functions:

  • To attend the applications of the students relating to grievances from the portal available on the website of College / Institute and process them further.
  • To hear the students in person by giving opportunities of hearing.
  • To hear all the concerned parties and settle grievances at the earliest.
  • To counsel the students whenever necessary to resolve their grievances.
  • To counsel the students through proper correspondence.
  • The CGRC shall not discuss with any sub-judice grievances.
  • It shall make efforts to settle the disputes amicably.
  • To prepare and submit the recommendations relating to the redressal of grievances to the concerned.
  • To consider and submit recommendations and suggestion in respect of reforms in the working of various sections/units/departments/cells of the College/Institution relating to the redressal of grievances of students.

CGRC members’ activities


  • The Principal of the College shall be the Chairperson of CGRC. 
  • The Chairperson shall finalize the date of meeting of CGRC in discussion with Member Secretary.
  • The Chairperson shall preside over the meeting of CGRC.


Member Secretary:

  • The Member Secretary shall prepare the agenda for a meeting of the CGRC in consultation with the Chairperson and shall communicate the agenda with all necessary documents of students to all members prior to the meeting through an email.
  • The Member Secretary shall convene meetings of CGRC in consultation with the Chairperson in order to redress the grievances registered on portal within 15 days of its receiving.
  • He/she shall also attend the meetings and shall be responsible for maintaining a record of the minutes of the proceedings of the meetings.
  • He/she shall prepare Action Taken Report on the previous meeting of CGRC.
  • Member Secretary shall maintain the record of attendance of each meeting of CGRC.
  • The Member Secretary shall prepare Annual Report regarding working of the CGRC.
  • The Member Secretary shall discharge such other duties and functions related to grievances of the students as the Chairperson and the Director, Students’ Development assign to him from time to time.

Registration of grievance

Any student desiring redressal of his grievance/s may register his/her grievance/s online on the portal available on college website.

  • The student shall fill all the information required for registration and submit the form in the portal.
  •  The grievances with insufficient/incomplete information shall not be entertained by CGRC.

College grievance redressal cell members

College has constituted CGRC to address the grievances of the students. The details of these are as follows:


  • The term of the CGRC members shall be of two years.
  • The quorum of the meetings of the CGRC, including the Chairman and the Member Secretary but excluding the student invitee, shall be three.

Nature of application to be entertained by CGRC

The grievances or common grievances of students related to Institution only shall be considered by the CGRC.

Consideration of aplications

  • Each member of the CGRC shall study the applications/cases sent to them in advance.
  • Applications shall be discussed in the Meeting and further line of action shall be decided.
  • The concerned student/s or any other person or teaching staff or administrative staff or non-teaching staff or official who is concerned with the grievances of the student/s may be called during the meeting of the CGRC whenever necessary and they may be heard in person.
  • If the CGRC finds it necessary it may refer any matter to an expert and obtain his / her opinion.
  • After following all the procedures as mentioned in the guidelines, the CGRC may formulate its recommendations on the Application.

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